GolgiApparatus1 t1_iycilk2 wrote

Ive been loving this series, if for no other reason the absolute killer soundtrack it has. The song choice, ambient/background music, even the intro theme is phenomenal. The intro starts out as a purely late 70s disco drum loop, then followed by new wave synthesizers and samples that would be used in the 80s and onward. Seems to me they did this to mirror the overall timeline of the show itself, which is pretty brilliant. Not only that but it still manages to sound 'fresh' in its arrangement, and I honestly couldn't resist grooving to it if I heard it while up and about.

But music aside, the acting has been pretty stellar, Kumail is almost unrecognizable, and everything revolving around the choreographer is just fascinating to watch, dancing included. Honestly this show ticks just about every box for me, love it.