Golilizzy t1_j28doo2 wrote

You kno why I didn’t like it? There wasnt actually any heart in it. It was obvious that it was made to try awareness. It wasn’t made with a reason other than for the artists to feel good about themselves doing something to help others. No real pain or passion tied into it. No story as to what drove them to make it.

The “ I want you alive” seem so fake. Like i was seriously depressed at one point because people around me bullying me all the time and I didn’t have anyone at home to speak about it with. What stopped me from actually following through was the thought of my parents pain.

That type of inclusion would have felt raw and real. Instead they kept it super generic. That’s why I think people felt that it was cringy and a way for them to feel better about themselves.

If each had shared a verse of them being on the eve and what drove them back, with the chorus remaining generic, that would have been magnitudes better.

And the Grammy for it felt like the the industry patting itself on the back cuz they did a good thing by doing that. Just get Fake all around.

Could have been done much better imo

A great example of truly sobering and suicide related song is swimming pool by Kendrick. That has his personal true raw material that he ties so perfectly into the subject of addiction and suicide

Of course no Grammy for him for that album. By far deserved album of the year but Grammys are racist af

Still tho, I wanna thank logic for doing it. It clearly helped the world and that’s what matters. My personal opinion on the song doesn’t really matter if it genuinely helped saved lives.

I’m just trying to shed some light on to why there were groups of people who didn’t like it.