GonnaNeedMoreSpit t1_jecdlgq wrote

It's a good policy and makes people confident to purchase to test to see if a game will work with their software. I've used it maybe 10 times out of about 800 games. I'd buy less if it wa not an option. Callisto Protocol was the most recent I remember, looked great and bought on day one only to find the variation in frame rates so wild it was unplayable.


GonnaNeedMoreSpit t1_jaaydep wrote

You are kind of wasting your time. Like it's not productive unless you feel you are getting something worthwhile for it. For some people it might be they make money streaming, others ot could help them wind down after work or whatever. But at the end of the day people spend thousands of hours played in games and nothing to show for it. Maybe stick to doing it in little slots of time once a week or so with a buddy or two with a few snacks and drinks and have a casual gaming session and leave it at that