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The best part of NH is you’re an hour or two from EVERYTHING. Beaches, mountains, small cities (Manchester), slightly bigger cities (Boston), farmland, outlet shopping, hiking, lakes, rivers… everything but desert. It really is pretty amazing you get it all right here.

The worst parts? Well… no pot is a problem.


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I guess the first weekend it’s 50+ out we just run all the windows and screen doors open for the afternoon. Not sure if the health benefits, but anecdotally it feels soooooooo fucking good to invite spring into your home and push winter stale air out.


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I’m 1000% with you. But people still bitch.

These will complain about ‘Big Government’ spending our hard earned tax dollars on trains that only out of towners will use to rob our homes and violate the good name of our women. Shit, the state (I won’t tell you which side of the aisle) has already shut down the study, BEING PAID FOR BY FEDERAL FUNDS, into rail continuation feasibility.


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You’re not wrong. But I would point you to exhibit A: every single one of you fives in a town and every single one of those towns has a FB page. And every single time something new or different or expansive is mentioned or begun, every slack jawed generational townie sharpens their pitchfork to go on there and say “ we’re becoming Massachusetts!!!1!” All because an apartment complex is being erected.

They cite the traffic it will cause while complaining about those people not working. They complain that it will overburden the school though there are less families with children per capita in apartments than in single fam neighborhoods. They bitch about the infrastructure while complaining about paying to upgrade the infrastructure.

It doesn’t matter. People complain. Progress is necessary and it’s hard because someone’s grandpa didn’t need a rail system to Boston.