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No it does not seem obvious. You’re just seeking that connection which raises concerns about you.

Tie to a dream - sounds pretty good.

Run out of steam - sometimes that happens.

Could be roped, dead in a year - make the most of it, glass half full.

Can’t say why I should stay - people move through stages in life, childhood, school,.. and reasons to prolong something wear thin

Not every mention of a difficult thing in life is about suicide or even depression. It’s a song about melancholy.


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I think I should quit school.

Oh honey I love that for you.

Finishing their fifth soda. Pass me another soda.

Sure thing.

Kindness can and does kill.


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I know

  • The bottom bracket, pedal arms and wheel are in the way, even from underneath

  • even if you remove the wheel the irregular shape of the bottom half of the kickstand makes grinding difficult and will lead to skipping the disc in inexperienced hands

I’ve done this exact repair several times. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about or how to do this repair efficiently, safely, or without risk of collateral damage.

Further, not sure where you got the dumb idea that I agree with the torch idea. If you could read I actually said it was unnecessary.

Have a great day yourself.


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Well, I work on a lot of old bikes and have never once needed an angle grinder but I’m sure you’re an expert.

Just like I’m sure

-You won’t have difficulty getting even a small grinder in that tight space

-Op, who based on the question is clearly inexperienced won’t overcut into the relatively soft and thin frame, and that kickstand area is where three structural members join (actually four members)

-Op surely has the correct cutting disc and face shield, right?

But ok, your advice to use a grinder is Aces.


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In this thread: people who don’t have a clue about bicycle repair.

Hit the bolt - great way to bend a frame

Use a snipe on a socket wrench - totally unnecessary and another good way to bend or break something if trying it alone

Flame or welding - again totally unnecessary

This damage is from a cheap or under-sized hex or other improper tool wrecking the head.

I wok on a lot of bikes and a proper oversized hex socket will still fit in that head but the op may be a child without the strength to turn it.

Hand drilling it out with left thread extractors will work like charm.

Power drilling increasing size pilot holes from underneath will also work.