GosuBaller t1_j32vnyu wrote

Since for whatever reason the woke mob just can't seem to wrap their heads around what you're asking... I'll answer your question for you: currently there is no ruling or jurisdiction within the NFL that states players suffering from pre-existing conditions or underlying conditions may be barred from playing future games, however there is a little leeway there because obviously there's the scenario with concussion victims usually being held out another week to avoid further brain injury. Considering this was not a head trauma incident and is strictly related to him being struck in the chest with great force causing a cardiac arrest event... It's not the first time it's happened in professional sports but it's the first time it's happened in the NFL and there is no precedent for it so I would have to assume it would be up to him, his family doctors etc if you would like to play again. However the NFL would not be stopping him I don't think, not without at least some new clauses being written into effect.