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Buying new bricks for your hate crime vandalism is really funny. Some sheltered suburban basement dwelling 8chan nazi who has never worked a day in his life not knowing where to find bricks or paving stones. Working class folks know where to find a brick, we hoard them in a little pile in our yard when we find them and save them for garden beds.

This guy bought 2 bricks and a pack of sharpies at the Home Depot self checkout with an airline miles accruing Visa.


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I was just typing this but figured someone would beeat me to the punch.

However the idea to do something is good. It's great seeing the few pollen lots around. More of those would be nice, bat houses, real beehives, wild flower projects, etc are all things to poke our city council about and to, when possible, do ourselves.


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Op is way off base here. Red Ink celebrated Red Book Day yesterday. It was also the 1 year anniversary of a Nazi protest and while they did have a brick thrown thru their window in the morning there wasn't a protest.

The local John Brown group was present as security out front, which is probably what op saw. They are very much not Nazis. They are also selling stickers of the brick thrown thru the window with funds going to Red Ink.


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I think the crowd that usually shopped there for convenience and to support local food sources no longer have the flexible income to do so with current market prices.

Just a guess. It's certainly why I'm at Aldi's and S&S more than Urban lately.