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Besides, if you repainted everything Greek to the colors they actually were, your eyes would bleed. I imagine ancient Greece was less Houses of the Holy and more my nephew with a box of crayons and no supervision.


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Call me when it has to study ahead of time, using a single text instead of being fed huge amounts of sources; has to identify what to store in a limited size database; and has to take the test without any internet access or ability to look up things behind what it decided to store. I'll be impressed if it passes then.


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I financed my current car through my credit union I've had for 20 years. For almost 3 months after I bought it, I got dozens of rejection letters for auto loans from places like, "Jim Bob's Tractor Supply Bank of Bumfuck Ohio". I managed to get about $3k of aftermarket stuff refunded from the dealer over that, and last I heard the Attorney General's office is still investigating them.

NEVER finance your car from a dealer folks. Even if you're already got it financed they're still crooks.


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That won't happen. "But mah lifted 20" truck with custom rims and paint job 47 trump bumper stickers and a jeebus fish!" is the next thing out of the yokels' mouths, right after, "But mah freedumbs" when anyone mentions gun control, separation of church and state, or gender reveal parties not killing the parents and 18 guests plus four bystanders who just happened to be in the area.

Our great great grandchildren won't even have a cycle culture at this rate.


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This is actually it. Netflix looks at completion ratio - how many people started the series or season, and how many finished it? But when Netflix was new and binge was the thing, that worked. Now? Most people I know watch an episode, or a few, each week. They don't binge the entire series in a sitting anymore. Netflix is canceling shows while people are still actively watching them and are being tallied in the non-complete demographic. They're impatient, and it's leading people not to start series until they've been picked up for the next season at all.


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To put that in even simpler terms, imagine you have 5 boxes of 12 eggs, and an extra 2. That's 2 + 5 x 12. But if you add first, you'd have a lot more complicated way of trying to express that. It's not a law of nature, but there is a practical use case that made selecting multiplication first a clear choice.