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I agree, was floating general principles before specifics but I went too vague. The amount that corporations have been fucking with us recently is horrible. Dems have been either unwilling or unable to actually fix it, even if they support the stuff on paper or in a speech. I was just trying to consider some basic coordinated demands for people and groups throughout the state, to try and make a dent in actually getting us out of this hole. I think I communicated it badly in the original post.


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The platforms often don't get implemented or are dropped quite quickly, I have just been trying to think of a few core economic demands which could be coordinated, and specifically counter a lot of the troubling national trends(deregulation, etc). I think I have communicated it badly, this wasn't a proposal for some new org or anything. Wages are still rock bottom where I live in Erie, and even if the Dems back min wage, they don't control the state senate, and popular organization would help ensure that we actually get some of this stuff implemented.


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Also worth noting the Seneca Nation had 1500 acres in northern PA up until the 1960s, but then it was flooded when the Kinzua Dam was built. Also still in the area, but that was when the last tribal land in the commonwealth was taken. Honestly I wish I knew how to change that, should I try to do something locally or take it up with my state rep?


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The R establishment thinking that McCormick is the solution to their woes is laughable. He was a random Dubya treasury official with no background in PA politics, his name recognition is low here and he was a fucking hedge fund manager at Bridgewater. There's a chance he could try a fake populist schtick like Vance but I don't think that would work here.


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Pennsylvania has never has a female senator, governor, or speaker(until now), I disagree with some politics where representation alone is the only goal(she will be a much better speaker than Cutler and will deliver for Pennsylvanians which is the most important thing) but having a more representative state government is an unequivocal good. Why wasn't it called "identity politics" when Black people and women were excluded from the commonwealth for the past 250 years?


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What region are you talking about? Most of the state is mountainous, including cities like Pittsburgh. You seem to be talking about the northern part of the state, which is the most rural, but even then PA Wilds has difference with the Endless Mountains. I would say finding a place with a lot of land and not many people is easy, as is finding a catholic school, but finding an area with both will be more difficult. I'd say Centre County/Happy Valley or the Southern Alleghenies might be your best best if you want to avoid oil and gas and live in a rural mountainous area.


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Depends on your definition of a lot, Presque Isle is a decently sized state park with a ton of visitors, theres also a whole marina part of the city to walk, a water park, and the tom ridge environmental center. In North East(a town North East of Erie) it's like a mini wine country.