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Unless your armed the soldiers with cooking oil to pour on the robots.

There are plenty of low tech solutions to such terrible ideas.

A robot army would have a central control location vulnerable to conventional weapons.

And signal blocking would be an issue if they're controlled remotely.

Or just tie one down and upload a virus.


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"If" isn't a response you can trust from a corporation.

And notice none of the solutions being done say this stuff is safe for human consumption.

If it was the waste wouldn't be an issue.

So it's not a matter of concentration.

And needing careful consideration in handling the bi-products argues its not just hi-test salt.


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Until a country pays the robot manufacturer to favor them over their enemies or they start using EMPs or tactical nukes in retaliation.

A country could reverse engineer a captured robot and figure out a way to cripple them all or turn them against a home country.

It's not a good idea for numerous reasons.

Life isn't a TV show.