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I mean, this response sounds kinda entitled. Propane routes are set so that they are as fuel efficient and just plane efficient as possible. Asking them to deliver at your own personal request is kind of a dick move, just saying. Imagine if everyone demanded they be refueled as they see fit. It would be chaos for the propane company and extremely wasteful overall having to dart all over the place. I say this as someone who is also on propane.

Edit: To clarify, this oil company was definitely wrong, not saying that at all.


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Maybe it has to do with the app or posting from the web? On the official app it says it requires a 50 character minimum and won’t let you post until you meet that limit. But I do see what you’re talking about with other post.


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I don’t see how you could be charged with loitering on your own property. Disturbing the peace maybe, depending on the situation? But sitting on your own property, be it in your car, in your house, on your grass, shouldn’t make a difference.

Edit: If you’re renting, check the lease! Some landlords set stipulations about this kind of stuff.