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Started Waco last night and I am astounded by idiocy. Did they think the feds were just going to go away? Ask anyone in prison how well their sovereign citizen argument worked against the IRS.


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>It started as a mobile health clinic that saw 14,000 patients a year. The new permanent location was made possible by a $2 million gift from a philanthropist passionate about seeing better access to healthcare.

>The clinic features eight exam rooms, an on-site lab, and space for behavioral health.

>Half of the clinic's staff speaks Spanish, which is critical since 93 percent of their patients speak Spanish as a first language.

Thank you, kind stranger.


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The last all-nighter I pulled was in my first year as an attorney when a partner dumped a horrendous brief on me. The most satisfying part of my research was on how to use a wood chipper.


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Dinner at Max’s with my cousins! They originally picked Fall Line for the whole igloo experience but that quickly changed when they found out about the $100 rental fee.


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Custom Song Lyric Bouquets

Handmade paper roses make the perfect personalized gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Customize your flowers with any song lyrics or text (wedding vows, poems, etc.) that hold special meaning to you or a loved one. The paper flower bouquet pictured was created from quotes from my favorite book and printed on cardstock and transformed into a dozen beautiful roses. Choose a memorable lyric or passage to highlight for the bow-tied card.

$30 and generally available in 2 days from order. Message me to order :)


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Alex Murdaugh is guilty AF.

Alex Murdaugh might just get away with executing his wife and son.

I’ve been obsessively following this saga since 2021 and yesterday he surprised everyone by taking the stand. His performance was flawless. Anyone who says otherwise is either trolling or blessed with the IQ of a sea cucumber. We’re watching a masterclass in how to take the sting out of your opponent’s arguments by admitting every horrific thing you’re accused of except for murder.


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I need to take a time out from listening to the news. I can tell from just one podcast (NYT The Daily) that my heart hurts taking in the content. There is so little I can control in my environment but I do have the power to unsubscribe.


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Baha. I remember texting you during season one so fucking confused that the wedding was smack in the middle of the series. Like now what’s left? Boning. Lots and lots of boning.


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Truth: it’s been ages since I’ve watched a movie or show without multitasking. I think I enjoyed season 2 of Bridgeton, but I was also watching while scooting around on my ass painting my baseboards. I probably missed seeing actual asses.

One episode of Dirty Money I’ve watched multiple times is Drug Short. So good.


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My cat has been on a hunger strike since I switched his kibble. Now that I switched back, he has a sparkly litter box, and a cat nip toy, he’s dejected. He really likes to pout and now he’s out of reasons to scream into the void.


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Work until 4:59 PM. I don’t think my new job understands how white collar gigs work. How are you going to prove your value if you’re not putting in extra hours reading Reddit?