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You know the democratic party has direct actionable bills for all of the things you listed and that the republican party is the one blocking them....... right?

Or are you just too enlightened to notice?


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u/superbbuffalo is asserting that all residents should qualify for this assistance. Per the article, the aim is to train those over 25 without college degrees-- generally recognized as a class of lower-income individuals. By applying a blind eye to qualifications, it ignores the financial hurdles that lower-income individuals face when applying for a college education.

Basically, this is the same assertion as "all residents should get food stamps" while ignoring why SNAP exists exclusively for lower-income families.


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A developer in my former hometown got away with it. They'd start developing on the edge of the wetlands, get caught and get in trouble, pay the fee, then keep going a week later. They did this long enough that they killed off the entire protected salamander population, so the area isn't considered protected anymore.

I want to Molotov their offices.

Edit: Because I want to name and shame, the developer is On The Rail Farm Company.