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I don’t get why people think this is a possibility lol

It’s such US jingoism to think that the US would go to war so easily, especially in what’s considered an ally country like Mexico.

Yes, they’ll likely escalate pressure on Mexico, and also push for joint efforts to tackle on cartel issues if it became an endemic problem where cartel war was spilling over the border. M

However, crimes happening IN Mexico to US citizens the response would be so muted to the point of seeming ineffective much like what we see now.


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Yea, probably wrong to paint western churches with a broad brush like that. town I grew up in had two homeless shelters that also operated as soup kitchens all sponsored by the Catholic Church, so although they may not open their doors and let people sleep on the pew, most of the established religious networks will be funding charitable endeavors in some other way.

I have no stake in this, not a fan of religions but seen a lot of homeless shelters, clinics, outreach programs, etc sponsored by established religions.


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10 to 12 yrs ago tennis prime age was still very much considered to be early to mid 20s. Especially in the new era of tennis where athleticism and recovery play such an important role.

Federer was thought to be close to being done, Nadal and Djokovic were about to have their prime years to battle it out with most expecting Nadal to bow out early due to his grueling style of tennis.

The predictions and expectations were very realistic. It’s what those three ended up doing that is unbelievable.