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My old boy has dementia at about 18. He would yowl and call out for help on and off chairs etc. He did get a tad incontinent, though mostly associated with a scare (thunder storms etc). We regularly checked with the vet to ensure he wasn’t suffering. Outside of that, there wasn’t much more that could be done. If you have some heat packs and a jumper you’ve worn for a few days, it can help during times your away


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This. My grandma Marsie would get family members confused. She thought I was a nurse at one point and hated me, then I was her favourite as an brought her ginger ale, then later she thought I was my cousin. There was no point correcting… just to try and keep the interactions as pleasant as possible. Although when I was the “nurse” she really really didn’t like me. I didn’t take it to heart, took the advantage to try and get her to take her meds.