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Are you sure you are the executor of his estate? Don’t commit to anything. Even if his family promises the world, unless it’s in writing and notarized, it’s worthless. Roommates have no legal authority over someone else’s assets.

Edit: The executor can be anyone over 18 who isn’t a felon, but it’s typically a lawyer, accountant or family member. Frankly, I’d get a lawyer involved because you shouldn’t be left holding the bag for anything beyond his assets.


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We moved here after we retired from the military. Ray the Mover out of Manchester, NH was who got contracted to move our household goods from wherever the international ingress point was to Hartford, VT. They handled it quickly, did assembly and some unpacking. They even returned the next week to gather up boxes and paper, which is something none of the other movers we dealt with ever did. It was paid by the DOD, so I couldn’t even guesstimate costs, but their people were excellent.


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550km (starlink’s lowest altitude at perigee) is 0.00183 light seconds which is the absolute limit light (and radio) can travel in one second in a vacuum. Add in processing, heavy cloud cover, additional transmission, it not being in a vacuum, etc… etc… and there you go. Physics doesn’t hate anyone, even Musk.


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Seems like 90% of the events around middle Vermont are geared towards the over 30 crowd. The displays might be pseudo-interesting to a tot, but I’d forego the seminars. Now digging worms… 1000% the kiddos are gonna enjoy digging in dirt.


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FY18 passed 9 days before the FY17 budget expired because Scott wouldn’t agree to the House’s demand that school districts “find” savings that would allow the school districts to fund negotiations their health insurance and avoid ACA penalties. Scott asked the House to allow the Governor’s office to do the negotiations which was projected to return 26 million dollars to the state and still allow a single consolidated heath insurance contract. The end result was teachers having health insurance and property taxes being reduced by 13 million.

A massive amount of back and forth occurs during the negotiating. The FY17 impasse was negotiated by Scott and Legislator leaders directly. Did Phil Scott sit and personally write the FY24 budget? Probably not, but since it originated from his office, he bears complete responsibility for it. Then there’s the small bit about the governor’s role in how legislation gets enacted.


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FY18, Scott’s first budget included no new or increased taxes. FY19 saw the legislature overturn two vetos to pass with new taxes and deficit spending. FY20 saw that deficit spending removed. FY21 & FY22 were virtually identical budgets that had influxes of federal money but no deficits.

You obviously have something to say, so get to it and stop with innuendo.


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Phil Scott handled the lockdowns with openness and honesty. He ensured the budget was financed and balanced before signing it. He got my vote because of his actions, not because of his party. Frankly anyone who votes by party is a dumbass.


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If I tried to micromanage my guy, he’d nod, say thank you, do it the way he always has and charge me 50% more.

As for the one outside car we have, the two of us talked and came to a decision that I’ll park the car in the drive wherever he tells me to.