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When Newton could not explain the motion of Mercury through his laws of Gravitation, he stated that maybe Jesus had come to Earth to adjust the Heavens.

Centuries later Albert Einstein showed that relativity explained the difference in motion because Mercury experiences time dilation close to the sun.


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You do realize that there is a finite number of beats for your heart, it's the first muscle to form and short of miraculous medical innovation to regrow cardiac tissue right now the best we have is a heart transplant and that carries with it some very real complications. That being said the more your heart beats, the sooner your death 💀


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Agreed but more to the point, the future doesn't look very good considering all things emerging at the same time, robotics, AI, fusion, climate change, inverted population growth.

Already the cracks are appearing, COVID was just the first modern hurdle we faced and like a Fatman trying to launch over it we jammed our balls hard on the hurdle and ate pavement face first.

We are not going to have it any easier as disruptions become a regular way of life leaving billions poor, hungry and dumb. The society that will exist in 2100 will be unimaginable to us despite it only being a lifetime away.


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Since OP is a bit daffy, deer, kangaroos have as powerful if not more so, can they do a roundhouse? No but few animals would be able to given that bipedalism isn't common. Then again there are animals that can exert as much force as a fired .22 round and they are smaller than us, so I don't know how OP would interpret those animals in his comparison.


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The best I can explain is to describe a black hole, because of the objects density it warps space, but space is not just empty nothingness, it has fundamental properties of the 3 dimensions we're familiar with but in addition to this black holes also warp time around them causing time to pass by slower the closer one gets to the event horizon. An outside observer would not experience this time dilation so years would pass for them whereas if you journeyed around a black hole potentially only hours would pass for you and this is because time is inseparable from space itself. Matter tells spacetime how to bend and spacetime tells matter how to move.


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The Egyptians believed that we have 3 deaths, once we die, the second when everyone who knew you in life dies and finally when your name is mentioned for the last time

But I'm sure you mean biologically, maybe. When one hopes for immortality, the better postulation is why? Unless you can live in a body you want to, not much point in being immortal.

live forever


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Yeah, we all muse about not knowing how much time any of us have, but when it's spelled out by a doctor, suddenly the tragedy hits home and people breakdown because, "how could this happen to them!"

PS the same 5 stages are felt when you have no tp in a public bathroom