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That's exactly the point of this app. When you enter the car, instead of launching Spotify, open Groovifi, choose a song, fiddle a little with the controls to suit your current mood, save playlist and play it directly in Spotify. This sound like a lot of steps but it takes around 3 seconds. Download the app and try for yourself! Let me know how it works for you.


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Nothing is stored on my side except a list of Spotify ID's for the future one-time payment and a counter for the amount of playlists created by each. that's all. Because I am using a third-party tool for download statistics and origin (AppsFlyer) I added this clause but I am really not collecting any data.

I am not the actual developer. I thought of the idea and researched the Spotify API. I hired developers for the actual job.


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Good questions! :-)

  1. I am not collecting any user data.
  2. Data is mostly from Spotify
  3. After I will gain a significant amount of users, I will add some kind of voluntary one-time payment mechanism, either with some new pro features, or to avoid ads or something.
  4. This started as kind of an experiment for me, The first version was subscription based, and designed very differently. This did not work so well. I re-wrote the app to make it much more user-friendly and intuitive. Once I see the app is used and bug-free, I will start thinking about revenue streams.

I hope this answers your questions. Thanks!


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I hope it will! You can create an endless number of playlists based on one song, each different than the other, just by using the different settings. Choose a song, move the slider to happy and save a playlist. Then, using the same songs, move it to sad and save again. You will have 2 different playlists based on the same song.


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Thanks! I would have also liked a years filter, and I even tried integrating it in the initial version, but Spotify doesn't fully support this. One problem was that Spotify cannot always fully distinguish between the day the song was originally released and the day the remastered recording or the compilation album was released and that caused a lot of problems.