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OH! Another one to add to my arsenal when someone tries to come at me with "I'm not racist, I just think they should stick with the source material" when BIPOC actors and actresses are hired for lead roles.

Like Little Mermaid. SHE WAS A MYTHOLOGICAL FISH. Also, when she got legs and feet - she was in constant pain as part of the price. She also didn't get a Disney HEA - she turned to sea foam!


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Oh! Thanks for the reminder that it dropped! Love Natasha and honestly, I enjoy Peacock. I'm a Bravo watcher (love Below Deck) and love that I can watch on there and not worry about recording. The Peacock Exclusive Below Deck Down Under was so good, they put it on the network later.

You all should be binge watching The Traitor as well! Delicious show! Interesting mix of people... some "contest reality" with Survivor, Big Brother, etc alums; then Bravolebrities (Below Deck, Housewives, Shahs); an Olympic athlete (they almost have be liking Ryan Lochte), and then average never been on TV people!

Plus Alan Cumming. It is why I couldn't resist.