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I think this is a more recent incident as the article references one from 2015:

>The case has drawn outrage from civil rights advocates like the NAACP, along with comparisons to the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. Gray, who was also Black, died in 2015 after he suffered a spinal injury while handcuffed and shackled in a city police van


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Rats! You've discovered my ruse after all my hard work!

Fr tho I think you gotta chill a bit on here. That other guy was baiting you hard and Redditors love that shit and will happily fuel the fire with votes. Ain't nobody actually cares how many times you or they have had sex.


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I have not used a single insult towards you this entire time, at a certain point the onus is on you to realize you aren't being verbally attacked.


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That's kinda sad then, because I've had plenty of friendly conversations that start out with playful jabs, yet you seem to think it was a serious attack on your character.


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It's odd that your only perceptions of any given responses are ' insult' or 'compliment'. Normal conversation is a bit more nuanced than that.


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Still assigning negativity to every little thing, it's a pretty unappealing trait. Makes talking with you difficult. The ladies don't like that.


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Who am I defending? You're making some very big leaps in logic to keep trying to play the victim.

I just made a lame breaking news joke and it sent you off the rails, maybe take a break from Reddit.