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I agree. If we rescue the migrants who paid smugglers thousands € and bring them into EU, it will encourage smugglers to lure more and more migrants that they succeed. More migrants will pay smugglers to get trafficked......a no-ending cycle that will go on for years.

If no migrants want to cross the sea, the smugglers won't get custumers and will stop it. Because I doubt they do it for free.

Implemanting laws that anybody who cross the sea won't be allowed into any EU countries (not even their asylum cases) and be relocated into safe africans countries (that have a booming economy) will discourage many migrants to try to do it. And the trafficking will stop instantly until EU have a better immigration system for migrants/refugees.

You have to be tough in some situation to get better result.


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>I'm not saying the same does apply here, only raising an example to show that it is possible that helping to solve a problem can instead make it worse.

I agree. If we rescue the migrants who paid smugglers thousands € and bring them into EU, it will encourage smugglers to lure more and more migrants that they succeed. More migrants will pay smugglers to get trafficked...

If no migrants want to cross the sea, the smugglers won't get custumers and will stop it. I doubt they do it for free.

It's better for EU to take tougher measures. Save them from drawning but they won't be allowed to resettle within any EU countries but in safe africans country that have a booming economy, jobs, freedom, democracy, protect people's rights, .....with EU's funds through investment.

Once migrants know they won't be allowed into EU by crossing the sea. They won't pay smugllers to do that. And those human trafficking will stop.


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>Doctors are bad because their existence incentivizes people to take risks they might shy away from if there were no doctors.

Wrong take. Doctor exist to analyze patient and disease that are unintentional act.

And I don't think people take risk because there are doctors as the risks are on themselves and they have to pay from their they won't likely put themselves on danger because Doctor exist for that.

While those migrants take the route because they know they either make it or there would be rescuer that will save them.


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True. It's so easy for NGOs to say all they do is rescuing people. They didn't do anything wrong. Which is a good thing to save people.

But they let Italy take ALL the responsability after that. If actually those NGOs pay for all accomodation, food, healthcare, welfare, ....for the migrants they bring, they won't get that much of a backlash. But they just drop them and BOOM they leave.

And Italy can't do anything just because they signed some paper decade years ago.

It's basically unfair. And EU think throwing money into Italy will solve or reduce the burden. No.


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>That would require way too much effort and admitting that the EU is refusing to face the problem as a community instead of leaving one or two countries neck deep in shit.

I agree. It's time for EU to work for a long term solution as this migrants-boat crisis seems to not have an no-ending cycle every year. And it's a matter of time before Italy, Greece explose. EU already pay hundred millions to billion € to Turkey, Morocco, Libya, .... it seems not enough to keep the migrants...hundred millions to protect its border, an increase in Frontex.... and still fail to find solution on the boat from mediteranean sea.

So the only solution is having better talk/negociation with safe africans countries to relocate africans refugees/migrants within africans continent. EU will have to take a thougher measures like Australia.

Makes laws that any migrants that come through the sea will be deported into a detention center in africa and they won't get any asylum in Europe. And then, support financially (with tech transfer or knowledge) the africans countries that are taking migrants/refugees to increase their growth and industrialization.


>Everyone wants to save them but no one wants to take them in

True, you basically point out the problem. And that's how I see it as well.

People want to rescue the migrants from drawning. It's a good thing. But no country want to take them in. Because it's a huge responsability and a burden to the tax payer....without forgetting the culture clash that can happen at any time.


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If Doctor Without Borders care about migrants. They should act to evacuate migrants out of Libya once and for all to avoid people taking the sea and drawning.

There are lots of safe countries inside Africa. They can relocate as many migrants as they can from libya into safe africans countries and help them to start or rebuild their lives.

It's a more safer and long term success than fighting every years to find a port for all the migrants and EU ports seems to not want to take them.


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Wrong, EU and North America isn't a destination of tourism and investment because of rule of laws.

For tourism it would be non-industrial countries like Thailand, Phillipines, ..

EU is getting more tourism because of its OLD HISTORY and basically the origin of many invention, ideology, doctrine....NEVER BECAUSE OF THE RULE OF LAWS.

Investments? I would say asians countries is winning the investment category (from China to South East Asia).

Nobody care about EU's moral dimension other than those who want to benefit from it (migrants, workers and refugees) because they know the laws is weaker over there....and more welfare.


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EU have its own agenda. They only wanted the syrians refugees (and some libyan refugees) for their need of cheap labor not all refugees. EU even had Operation Sophia to rescue migrants for their aging population. Once they got what they needed, they stoppped the operation.

It was never about "good moral" nor "right thing to do". It's by interest.

So now, whoever try to get into the mediteranean sea, will have to face the consequences. Whatever they make it or not.


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>Truth is that EU needs to help share the burden of these countries (some form of migrant relocation system based on populations etc) so then they cannot justify shitty laws like the above.

I agree, EU need to implemant a new relocation system based on population within africa first because africans migration into EU will be the biggest threat to European's politics in the future. If they act NOW, they can reduce that least until they find a better plan.

Africa is big, plenty of land. All they need to do is building many large cities in safe countries like Gabon, Botwana, Angola, Namibia (like the way chinese do with their ghost cities). Then bring skilled workers from around the continent to manage it. And then bring the refugees/migrants there to work and live in safe and stable environnement.

It will be a huge investment but much more beneficial in short and long term.

I doubt Europe will survive another migration crisis. I've seen many population around EU already prostesting against putting refugees/migrants into Hotel. France is burning, inflation... Italy voted a right wing, Greece is already overwelmed.

It's time for EU to have a PLAN and anticipate the problem before it come to its shores.


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No, it's the up to rescuer to find a willing port.

There was an asian boat (I don't remember the name or date but they were likely a South East Asians boat that rescued lots of migrants, they docked all of them to Libya (the nearest port and available to dock).

Lots of tunisians fishermen that found migrants, bring them backt to Tunisia.

NGOs can (if they wanted) work with Tunisia, Algeria, Morrocco, Libya) to stop migrants from taking the sea TO SAVE MORE LIVES (since the goal is to save them from drawning NOT TRAFFIC THEM INTO EUROPE illegally).

Then if they aren't drawning in the sea. Finding another solution to transfer them into safer african countries or safe neighboring countries. NOT SENDING ALL REFUGEES THEY CAN SEND INTO EU SHORES.