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Pray you don't get tinnitus. I've got it and I haven't enjoyed complete silence in decades. I currently have the news on tv and music on the radio and I can still hear the ringing.


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>what is it about a book cover that attracts you to pick up a copy of a book by an unknown author?

That rarely happens. However, the Bill Gregory cover illustration of Laura Joh Rowland's Shinju did attract my attention. It is a medieval Japanese style drawing of what looks to be a parade over a bridge with a city scene in the mid ground and a snow tipped mountain in the background (although it may just be a busy bridge, upon closer inspection).

That did not lead me to buy the book, it led me to read the back cover blurb, which did lead me to buy the book by an unknown to me author.

Interestingly, there are a number of other editions of that book with different covers. If I had come across one of those other editions I would not have read the back cover blurb and would not have bought the book.


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I think about it, mull it over. Writing it down helps me formulate and clarify my thoughts.

I don't read reviews or articles until after I've written mine. If I have missed something well that's too bad. I don't really expect anyone to read my reviews, anyway. They disappear in amongst the hundreds or thousands of other reviews.

To be fair, that's the way my brain works anyway. I have a Humanities degree and I am accustomed to thinking by writing.