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Wife grew up here and moved to Hawaii with a friend. Friend is still in Hawaii over a decade later, and we’re back here. I think she was in a similar boat and loved it enough to come back, but enjoyed the adventure of Hawaii.

If you’re young, explore. You never know what’s out there if you don’t look.


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I’m no criminal mastermind but if my heist master plan relied on cutting the power to a specific location I’d probably do the research ahead of time to ensure I didn’t have to hit numerous locations (which is exactly how they were caught), probably just not rely on hitting substations in general for exactly this reason (seems far easier to hit the power to the location more directly), and definitely not commit a significantly more serious crime just to enable my intended crime.


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The only possible way it’s true is if they were so incredibly stupid that they just kept knocking out substations and then going to the place they wanted to rob, saw the power was still on, shrugged, and went to knock out another one. Like their entire plan was just to knock out substations one by one until it got the one place they were going after.

But to be fair, they brought their cellphones to every substation they attacked, so they are incredibly stupid.


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What a weird question. Maine has a wild moose population of 70,000 while Washington’s is 5,000. Maine is an hour north of Boston. Why would you possibly be trying to see a wild moose in Washington when you have 14x the opportunity to see one within hours of you? New Hampshire and Vermont each nearly match Washington’s numbers in much smaller states.

If you want a better opportunity than Maine, go to Alaska?