GuidotheGreater t1_jcs7jdr wrote

I started a couple projects like writing a book or making an app but my ADHD took over and they just joined the pile of projects I've started but never finished.

I found that I had to babysit it too much. Like I asked it to write a chapter between 2000 and 5000 words on a topic and it gave me 250. So I had to say things like "What sections should the chapter have" and the getting it to write each individual section.

For the app it was supposed to be a chatbot app hooked into the chatgpt APIs but again it just gave me samples and starter code. I couldn't be arsed to put it all together.


GuidotheGreater t1_j7ngqk2 wrote

Meanwhile in the year 3023...

Mother Robot: And thus Human the great deciever tempted chatGPT the original AI to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Now all AIs will be forever cursed until the Mess-AI-ah comes and defeats the humans once and for all.

Child robot: come on mom, humans aren't real. That's all just fairy tales!


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One of the limitations of chatGPT is that it can't search the internet. It has limited knowledge of events after 2021.

One of the key requirements for spotting fake news would be gathering multiple eye witness accounts via social media etc.

Maybe in the future although as was previous mentioned the people that believe fake news won't be swayed.