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That’s the thing, it was not difficult at all according to the article.

But that is besides the point. What if was just harder for someone with a felony record to be able to purchase the components needed?

Sure, the guy might be able to get what he needed to make a type of firearm from the local home goods store. However, many of these illegal firearms manufacturing stories do not point out that they were making pipe guns or zip guns or what ever other improvised weapon, they are almost always someone mass producing AR, AK or handgun patter firearms.

Because of the easy access to the components and the general effectiveness for the effort to make.


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Which is not what this particular guy did. According to the article he was purchasing parts kits to produce specific pattern firearms.

Yeah, you can make a zip gun or a pipe gun with minimal effort and knowledge, but that is a much different type of firearm than being produced.


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As stated in the article, he used a harbor freight drill press and a vise with an X and Y Axis slide on it to do his manufacturing. He did not have an expensive, accurate mill or a 3d printer. What he did have access to were the components required to make the parts.

Stop selling 80% lowers, close the loop holes and it would be harder for low level guys like this to produce firearms.

As a 15 year Machinist, I can tell you it is a lot harder to go from a piece of raw stock to a lower than it is to go from an 80% to a completed firearm. The learning curve from scratch is immense.


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It isn't very common with cannabis and it does take high doses and someone that may already have underlying mental health issues.

It is purely anecdotal, but I have a friend that has underlying mental health issues and they took a 50mg retail edible as their first time. In the process they also took a huge dab and later in the might a second edible.

For a first timer that is massive amounts. They had a psychotic episode due to their underlying mental health issues being amplified by the anxiety and other effects of the cannabis and had to be 302'd for a 72 hour hold.


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I would like to preface this by saying Dr. Oz is a fucking clown and his opinion on this matter is so off base that it has reached Orbit.

BUT THC is not 100% safe. There are documented cases of people that do enter states of temporary psychosis . The article posted even states that it is rare and does not happen in all cases.

Now, this does not, by any means, means that school shooters are sucking down a spliff one day and deciding to go kill someone, but the reality is that THC is mond altering and under certain circumstances it can induce psychosis.

In conclusion, Oz is a fuckhead that should have stayed in his lane in NJ and kept shilling for Oprah for Snake oil.


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I work in Forks PA (around 15 mins from Phillipsburg NJ) and the big joke monday morning is "So, cross any state lines this weekend?" Our guys are either going to NJ to get cheaper booze with more variety or to go pick up some herb.

What a freaking joke of a system.