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The description in his profile literally said "reddit has a search function". Looks like it's been changed when I viewed it earlier this week.

Quite condescending if you ask me. I'd say most redditors know how to search the Internet.

Edit: Nevermind... it's still there.


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Just stop. Please. For the love of God...just stop.

It's an internet forum. Reposts are fine. It hurts literally nothing.

The responses in this thread and the other have different options other than Thames and Nick's.

If reposts were never allowed in your perfect world - every question ever would be answered and no continued discussion would ever be allowed.

Sometimes things change. Or we have people who had not posted in your linked thread who now have posted in this one...with new ideas! Different ideas! Who would've thought!

Just STOP.


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Yep. When I was working near JHMI I remember a woman exit the 7-Eleven, take a single sip of her coffee, shout "this coffee fuckin sucks", and then proceed to throw the entire cup onto the sidewalk. Coffee everywhere and the cup/lid flew into the road.

I actually laughed out loud when I witnessed that. Totally unexpected lol. But still pretty sad.


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Sigh. Let the man eat.

Some people just want an above average quality AYCE buffet of just meat. Nothing else fills that description in the city.

There is a local alternative to everything. But sometimes I just want a blooming onion from Outback.


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So, I was called for jury duty today, and let me tell you, I was not excited about it. Spending all day in a stuffy courtroom listening to boring testimony? No thanks.

But I had a plan. I heard there was this strip club not too far from the courthouse, and I figured I could sneak out during lunch breaks and catch a quick show. And that's exactly what I did.

Each day, as the rest of the jurors headed to the cafeteria for lunch, I snuck out the back door and headed to the strip club. I loved the cool air conditioning and the dancers. And today, I splurged and paid for a private dance in the VIP room. It was amazing. The dancer was gorgeous and put on a really seductive show for me.

But my luck eventually ran out. During today's trial, the judge called me up to the stand as a witness. I was a mess. I could barely focus, thanks to the heat in the courtroom and the previous night's activities in the VIP room.

The defense lawyer saw that something was off and grilled me. Eventually, the truth came out. I was found in contempt of court and sentenced to a week in jail. All because I wanted to have a good time at the strip club instead of fulfilling my duties as a juror.

And as I sit in my cell, regretting my poor judgment and the fun I had at the strip club, I swear I will never let my desires get in the way of my responsibilities again.


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Yes there does seem to be a Judiciary - Private network. Everyone here is on Judiciary - Public.

But it's still embarrassing. The website specifically celebrates that WiFi is now available! But it's complete garbage. It doesn't have to be this way - the city IT folk could fix this in a day.