GustovDankBBF t1_j6zch3p wrote

“The mayor made the decision himself, on the basis of equity to the Hoes Heights community, which uses this road fully and regularly, and I think that’s a good thing that everybody should embrace moving forward,” said Destry Jarvis, a member of the Roland Park Presbyterian Church’s Racial Justice Task Force, during a meeting of the Roland Park Civic League on Wednesday.

A conservationist, parks advocate and co-author of “National Parks Forever,” Jarvis has followed the Roland Water Tower planning process closely. Now that the roadway will stay, he said, plans are in the works to name it after Grandison Hoe, a freed slave for whom Hoes Heights is named.

So Destry Jarvis is a conservationist, parks advocate and co-authored a book “National Parks Forever” and is advocating instead to keep the road in place and not make it a park? I’m lost.