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Yes, this. I don't think I would describe the rush of feel good chemicals when falling in love as love at all. It's more like a biological attachment response. Love is a conscious choice that must be made every day, long after the initial high of attachment subsides.


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I generally read at night. I go to bed early with a cup of tea, get into some comfy jammies, and read for an hour or so before I go to sleep.

I used to have this thing for reading in a hot bath with a glass of whisky but I'm cutting out alcohol so don't do that anymore. I still read in the bath sometimes though.

Also I recently made a cozy little reading spot in my den so I've been reading more in the afternoon. I work from home so I'll take a couple of 20 minute breaks during the day, have a cup of tea and settle into my reading nook. 😊 it's the best on rainy days