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most people don't care if you think they're lazy or not, mate.

if you're a house-elf straight out of harry potter, and need to be a slave to find meaning in your sad life. ok, you can continue working after UBI creation, we will not stop you.

but don't try to force everyone to live in a world where work is a necessity. most hate their own work and only work because they have to.

let people be free to decide how they are going to spend their short lives, whether working with something they really like, studying or playing video games all day.


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you base your argument on the thought that in the past society operated on the basis of exchanges, as it does today, and that the nobles needed to have resources to exchange with the poor.

Did you forget about the existence of slaves? 1/3 of the population of the Roman Empire was already occupied only by slaves, you don't need to have resources to give for someone's work if you can force him to work for free


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that's what I say, people are afraid of robots and AI as if the human being were very reliable, we are in the hands of a race that is capable of enslaving, raping and murdering an entire nation for political interests, but the scary thing is the computer program that talks


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the reason for using AI is that although they are expensive to buy, they are cheaper in the long run since they don't need a salary. if you have to pay more taxes, then you lose the financial reason to buy the AI.

businessmen would simply stop buying, or, more likely, would simply set up their companies in a country with lower taxes.

the most efficient way to raise money for the UBI is through state-owned companies using AI