HAHA_goats t1_jcmm51v wrote

Years ago I was driving across Texas and caught a whiff of a horrendous rotting meat mixed with BO and wet dog smell. It kept getting stronger and I realized it was probably the truck way ahead of me, just short of the horizon.

I decided to tough it out long enough to pass it. Probably a bad plan. The stink just kept getting thicker until I was almost gagging.

But I passed it! The truck was painted all white at some point, but most of it was obscured with brown stains and rust. Stenciled crookedly across the back was a single word: INEDIBLE.

I don't know who needed that sign.


HAHA_goats t1_ixqr9hp wrote

Gotta quibble that efficiency claim.

Gensets have pretty poor efficiency. It's not likely to be more efficient than the on-board engine. You get some benefit when scaling up, so one big generator is better than multiple small ones if you have a consistently high demand. That leaves a little room for gains if you'll be constantly recharging multiple trucks. But that will almost certainly be offset by losses in the batteries themselves.

Fossil fuel power plants on the grid just use a much more efficient heat cycle than diesel. It's hands-down better to charge vehicles from the grid or renewable.

edit for the stupid: I am not arguing against battery EVs. I'm just pointing out that charging them with diesel gensets isn't beneficial.