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Well they played each other in the 78-79 Tourney at the old Bangor Auditorium so obviously they cannot consolidate into a single school.

It comes down to town rivalries unfortunately. Howland and Lincoln each have their own schools. So does Lee. They could easily consolidate to just Lincoln.


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Zion isn’t even worth going to. It is absolutely insane. I thought I could sneak in at the crack of dawn and see some stuff but it was already packed. It was May too.

Arches has the potential to show that the restricted access model works. I went last year and it wasn’t too bad. Still very busy but not a complete mad house like Zion. You could actually see things and get away from crowds.


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Agreed. I am not opposed to it becoming an officially protected piece of land, but the NPS is the wrong department for managing that. They have too much emphasis on unlimited access.

I took a trip out west last year and really soured on the ideal of the national park system. That sounds dramatic, but the crowds of people really detracted from the experience. It was like resort skiing the west on a weekend. Just jam packed with people, even on trails. It was shockingly bad in some places, and the NPS needs to figure out a way to restrict the number of visitors meaningfully.

I grew up going to Moosehead and Baxter. I’ve been seeing an uptick in tourists for awhile, and frankly I want them to stay on the coast. When I was a kid you could hike Kineo Big Moose, or Borestone and be nearly the only one on the trail. It’s still pretty quiet, but everyone is an out of stater. Not that that is wrong, it just detracts from the experience as a resident. There are still hikes in that region where you will be the only group on the trail though. Especially on the non katahdin hikes in Baxter and the few hikes between Greenville and Baxter.

This will be the most controversial part of this, but I understand the wealthy Mass resident urge to privatize everything. When you’re bombarded by people your only chance at securing peace and quiet is to force them to go away.


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Yeah it can be done, since there are camps on that side of the lake. You’d have to park somewhere on the road on the east side of the lake northeast of Kineo and then walk in from there. The land bridge is no cars and private property.

It is going to be way easier to just drive to Rockwood and take the golf course shuttle over


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Well it’s literally the last Atlantic Salmon run in the entire country.

It’s an extremely nuanced problem. We could remove the dam, but the damage upstream has already been done. It’s unclear to me at least if removing it would cause water level issues between east mill and Milford. Or a myriad of other things Plus you’d need to replace the power with something else. It would probably be oil or nat gas. Warming will fuck the salmon anyways through the warming gulf.

The dam is only 8MW, so it would take a handful of wind turbines to produce the same wattage. However the life of wind turbines is much shorter than a dam, and it remains to be seen what developers will do when the turbines reach the end of their life. They may just abandon them.

It comes back to it’s probably best to just leave the dam where it is, and figure out how to let the fish pass through.


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Some of those dams the state doesn’t want fish passage through to protect fish downstream. For example the Brassau dam. Above it there are smallmouth bass. Downstream in the moose river and Moosehead you have a good landlocked salmon fishery.

That one is also a Brookfield dam


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Exactly. It is best from a public safety standpoint to keep the general public in the dark about the contents of what gets transported on the road and rails. There would probably be many more east Palestine events if the public knew when and where hazardous materials were being transported. There will always be a subset of society with bad intentions


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You’re getting downvoted by the realtors for questioning the insane fees. Bear in mind Portlands two industries are hospitality and real estate.

How come I can transact $100,000, even $1M on the stock market in .01 seconds for $0 commission, but have to pay someone who took a 40hr class $9k to fill out a template?


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Think from the perspective of a Cape Elizabeth resident. If you owned a house less than 10 miles from one of the northeast’s most hyped up cities, and that house was in a rural feeling area, would you want to change that? Bear in mind you’ll be working your whole life to pay down the 30 year mortgage. There is immense sunk cost, and your house in Cape is not only your ticket to higher social status but possibly an early retirement.