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> Apple is only expecting to sell around a million units [..] > > The complex device [..] is expected to cost around $3,000

Who tf are they expecting to sell this to? I know apple is big and all, but who's going to buy 1M units of a product that so far shows no indication of bringing anything new to the table in the space for somewhere between 3-5 times the cost of competitor devices, depending on the exact specs on the final product?


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There’s “diet” and there’s “diet”. When talking about short term, people think of restriction based diets that are kind of framed as challenges “do X for Y weeks to get Z”. The “diet” in this “meme” doesn’t refer to that; It simply refers to how you eat habitually. You’re not going to be healthy if you eat a full size cheesecake every day and vegetables pretty much never, even if you exercise a lot.

That said, most peoples diets aren’t quite as bad as that, whereas it’s extremely common for people to never exercise at all or so rarely that it hardly makes a dent.


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> Wouldn't a warmer temperature outside naturally lead to a warmer temperature inside given enough time?

sort of? It's a question of how much is "enough" time. Good insulation can keep a noticeable temperature difference without active cooling or heating for a very long time. In addition, temperatures outside don't stay at peak forever. For instance, if temperatures outside can hit peaks of 50°C but temperatures inside never go over 30°C that's huge win even if you'd like it a bit cooler still. With clever engineering you can reach much more extreme temperature differences using only passive cooling and insulation, but not without making sacrifices to aesthetics and on other fronts.