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Regardless of the points, make sure you pay the ticket. Sometimes folks decide not to because they figure they won't be driving there again. I got a ticket in RI many years ago and forgot to pay it (Definitely not on purpose, because I'm certainly going to drive there again.) When I went to renew my CT license they refused to, because my right to operate in RI had been suspended. I had to drive to RI and pay the several year-old ticket before I could renew.


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When I lived in NL I had the AT&T fiber and it was stellar. Very very few outages, and the TV service was the best (I know that doesn't matter to you in this case.)

Here in Mystic we can either have Comcast or Breezeline. I have had Breezeline (formerly Thames Valley,) because I refuse to Reno the devil with Comcast. My neighbor switched to Comcast a couple of years ago, and then switched back.

Last week I was complaining to my SO about the hidden charges on my Breezeline acct. For their Gold package for Internet and TV it's about $110 a month, but the additional fees are over $50 a month! I am paying almost $25 a month for the local TV fee and the local sports fee, neither of which I even use. I've considered just going to Internet only, however in my case I'd need to subscribe to an iPTV, and that would jack my monthly cost to over what I pay now.


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There are very few independent shops. My gf thrifts, and she stopped going to the independent shops altogether because they raised their prices when thrifting became popular and chic. She primarily goes to GoodWill, a couple of times a week.


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Can confirm. I was reluctant to lock in for three years when I signed up last December, until I got it in writing that there was no fee to cancel early. I'm cruising along at 8.9 cents per kWh until December 2024.