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I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. The US was planning on invading the Home Islands. The firebombing campaign killed many more Japanese than did the A-bomb drops. And had not weakened Japanese resolve to fight to the last. The atomic bombs were meant primarily to show Japan that we would not NEED to give them a "glorious end" by a land invasion. Ancillary it was a sign to the USSR that we had a technological advantage. The USSR stole their Nuclaer program via espionage. They would've been years farther behind without these guys.


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Omaha wouldn't have been nearly as bad if there weren't so many artillery and bombing miscues. Naval artillery hit short and caused a lot of deep underwater holes that drowned heavily ladened soldiers. And aerial bombardment fell far behind the line of defense. There were supposed to be a lot of craters from bombing on the beach to give cover. Instead Omaha was pretty flat with few places to hide from German fire.