HaAdam1 t1_j0h8kaa wrote

“Halcyon awaits its rightful suitors!” It was being blasted all over the intercomms, the halls of the ship echoed with this long awaited message. A few people were stumbling around, sick and pale from the time in suspended animation. I walked forward, but felt the same sickness in mzself too. A few frail steps have gotten me out of the small room into the hallway. The pale orange glow of the lights guided me as I took it step by step towards the bridge. I stuck it close to the walls, needed the support. I wondered where the robots were with the rejuv proteins. Must be I have woken up a bit too soon. Only saw a few people of the thousands on this ship. Some were stragglers like me, otheirs waited the sickness out, sitting by their pod, by the wall, sometimes even lying on the floor when they fell over. We were told that suspended animation was a struggle for the body, but they never emphasized it this much. My knees kept failing as I struggled forward, one hallway after the other. My pod was located only a 5 minute short walk from the bridge, as a leading engineer, it was important to be close. The AI kept things order throughout most of the interstellar flight, but in case of an issue engineers were required to be close. The walls were a bit sharp, I cut myself a few times while supporting myself, I looked down at it, it wasn’t anything to worry about. I’ll get a few patches in the medbay after I had a look at our new home. A dark blue light emanated from the entryway to the bridge. An ocean planet I thought to myself, what a challenge. We were given vast directions from the start and it was the job of the AI to find the most suitable planet in the new sector. I slowly pushed myself forward, each step a small bit closer to victory. And fewer and fewer people around, perhaps I might be the first to the bridge. The console was dark, I swiped my finger across and it shone a pale orange for a second and went off. Must be malfunctioning, perhaps the AI misregarded some repairs throughout the journey, nothing to be concerned about. I took my steps towards the hall, the blue light filled the dome and I saw a few amazed gazes, fixed at the outside, looking. I thought to myself, Damn not the first, but lets have a look. The sight froze me as it froze them. I saw a dark blue ball orbiting a blackened giant. The charred remains of a once blinding star, now surrounded by a grotesque cage, siphoning the last remnants of shining energy from it. The oceans were vast and empty, the planet was surrounded by multiple halos, glowing with energy. Small flashing dots slowly filled my vision, at first I thought them explosions, but as they got closer and closer the shining hulls became visible and no doubt remained in my mind as to what we just happened upon. The pale remnants of what was once the faithful crew of the Starseeker looked in awe. “We have arrived at Halcyon, the year is 502573. November 11th on Earthmother. The future awaits!” The UN hymn started playing throughout the intercomms and echoing in the dome as flashing lights formed around us and embraced our cruiser.