Hackerjurassicpark t1_jeenprf wrote

I don’t think it’ll start taking jobs. It’ll just make our jobs different. For example, in the past my boss tells me to make a presentation, I prepare all the material and make the presentation, then follow the boss’s feedback to iteratively improve upon it until either I present it or my boss presents it.

What I think is going to happen is the prepare all the material and make the presentation phase will be tremendously shortened. My boss is still going to ask me to make the presentation and refine it iteratively, but I’m just going to be more efficient at it.

Just because these tools become common place I don’t see my boss suddenly learning to make his own presentations 🤣


Hackerjurassicpark t1_jeemx1o wrote

It’s not just a chatbot.

I’ve been using bing chat for sometime now and it has legit tremendously transformed and sped up the way I search for information on the internet. No wonder google is panicking.

These tools are also coming to pretty much every office app like excel, PowerPoint, word, teams, etc. if it can transform the way I use those tools to the same extent it has transformed my search experience, it’s going to be a huge huge productivity improvement.