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I'm on my HOA board. One rule is you have to pull your trash can up and keep it out of sight. Dude decided that was tyranny after a letter. Put up signs and flags while refusing to pull his trash can up. After being fined he decided he's going to sue us. Loses law suit and has to pay our court cost. Owes the subdivision just south of 10k. There's a lien on his house and the 10k is accruing interest. We could foreclose but the consensus is right now to let it go. He's not allowed on community property (pool) until he pays it. He vandalized (unproven) a board members home with spray paint and made some threats. Board member frequents pool with family so this person not being allowed gives people some peace


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You should have gotten a copy of your HOA rules when you purchased a house. If you didn't you should be able to get one from the property management company. There's probably a portal through the property management company that has everything listed and where you can pay dues. What happens typically is first warning which sounds like you just received. After that wkll come fines. If you refuse to pay the fines then lien. Of you still refuse they could foreclose on your house.

If you don't like an HOA don't move to neighborhood with one. They have their good and bad aspects. One thing to remember is the HOA IS your neighbors. Don't like the rules. Go to the meetings. Volunteer for the board. Vote. Be an active participant in your community. It isn't a dictatorship. There are laws regulating HOA's but most people would rather bitch than do


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I have a middle schooler at and a kid that went to willard through middle school. I think the issue with Willard is the culture clash. Especially in the middle school. Willard is a huge district thst pulls a massive number of students from the north and west side of Springfield. These kids who are coming from more alternative and liberal backgrounds are getting thrust into a middle school with the very rural far more conservativ kids from the Willard area. This is creating a lot of tension and hostility. I don't think the administration or school board is doing a good job creating a safe and accepting place. Parents aren't either. Racism and bigotry is taught at home