HalfPint1885 t1_je89j61 wrote

I have a Whirlpool gas stove and I like it. One of the main things I like is that there are five burners, and only one big grate across all of them. It means I can move pots and pans around without worrying about tipping them or finding a space for them.

The main downfall is that cleaning it is a bitch. No matter how often I wipe it down, it always seems to have a layer of grease on some part or another, because there is so much to clean, between the grate and the surface underneath, and even on the little burners themselves. I used to have a glass surface electric stove, and it was a breeze to clean up, I just didn't care for it with all my cast iron.


HalfPint1885 t1_jdxwioa wrote

One of these was in our house when I was a kid, although I think it was green or orange, I can't remember exactly. My only memory of the stove is that one day, when my mom had food cooking on the stove top and food in the oven, she opened the hot oven door and it came off the hinges, for some unknown reason. The door was hot so she couldn't catch it, but luckily she guided it down to the stovetop and it missed whatever she was cooking on the burners. I feel like someone repaired the door and we continued to use it for a short while, but it scared my mom so badly that we got a different stove shortly after that.