Handicapreader OP t1_ja61a6j wrote


It's February here. The pool is really cold. I glanced over and saw something swimming in the pool. I thought it was another turtle, but nope. It was a bat swimming in my pool trying to find a bank to climb out of. I didn't know what to think at first, but I snapped a couple of pics and then I grabbed the pool net.

I dropped him on the patio gently and he was moving a little bit, but he was lathargic af. I dumped some of my water on him to rinse off the chlorine, but it was ice water and he immediately shivered. Then I went inside and brought back some warm water and slowly dumped it on him, and he noticeably enjoyed it.

He quickly balled back up and made my patio his bed. That's no good with a dog, so I got a towel and made him a little makeshift bat cave off of my smoker.

I just checked and he's gone. It was a successful bat rescue. :)

To everyone worried about bats and rabies, bats are a tremendous asset to our environment. They don't have any higher propensity for getting rabies than any other woodland creature.