HappyFamily0131 t1_j2t4g95 wrote

Despite the state of our justice system, I think you would lose that bet. Being clueless about the whole thing has been his defense from the start, and that has historically been a winning defense for fraudsters everywhere, but a key component of the success of that defense that is that the defendant not actually be a moron.

By all accounts, SBF hid his actions, and his criminal intent, very, very poorly. He may yet succeed in convincing the general public that he's not a bad guy. But as for convincing a judge or jury that this was all just a crazy mistake, no, I don't think I would bet on that.


HappyFamily0131 t1_iwun7tf wrote

Bankman-Fried seems like such an absolutely clueless dudebro.

Like, he seems to have fallen ass-backwards into a double-platinum opportunity, a literal once-in-a-generation moment of good fortune worth tens of billions, and in less than 5 years it's just gone. I truly think somewhere under all that stupid is a guy with good intentions, but I think it's drowned deep in greed and egotism.

The only way to allow someone like him be a good person is for him to have no money or power, and instead fate handed him the GDP of a small country.