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My aunt got thrown by her own horse, my other aunt was riding next to her and swears there was absolutely nothing there to spook the horse and cause it to throw her

The fall broke her neck in 3 places and her arm

She had to wear a halo for months,have surgeries, and go to physical therapy for over a year after that

And these are people who grew up riding horses as a primary means of transportation

If that can happen to them, then what hope do I have?


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>Artist Andy Warhol amassed a collection of 175 ceramic cookie jars. These were in a multitude of shapes and figures. Most were purchased at flea markets. Warhol's collection was featured in a prominent news magazine and sparked an interest in collecting cookie jars. When asked in the 1970s why he pursued the 1930s and 1940s jars, Warhol said simply, "They are time pieces." At an auction of his apartment's contents in 1987, Warhol's collection of cookie jars realized $250,000

They were only worth $250k because they belonged to Andy Warhol