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Swing and a miss. I have a deep understanding of Asian and Indian history.

Resorting to ad hominem attacks reveals much.

You are probably embarrassed by Modi’s actions and can’t admit it.

The point is, for whatever rationale Modi thinks it’s a good idea to side with Russia, it’s a morally bankrupt position.

Democracies must aid democracies. It’s not complicated.


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Agreed. Russia will stab India in the back as soon as it sees advantage.

I admit that I don’t stay on top of Indian news, but I do pay attention.

I understand the short term desire for cheap oil & gas and cheap Russian arms. This thinking is short sighted. India is doing lasting damage to its relationships with western democracies.

When push comes to shove, which countries might actually come to India’s defense. It’s the west.

Modi’s government takes the relations with the west for granted.

Many in the west are paying attention and aren’t happy with Indian selfishness.


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Truman insured the Vietnam war.

The CIA was working closely with Ho Chi Minh and the Vietminh in the fight against the Japanese invaders in Vietnam. The Roosevelt administration had adopted a postwar decolonization strategy. Neither the collaborator Vichy French, nor DeGaulle were in no position to demand the return of their Vietnam colony. For no good reason or consideration, the US violated our foreign policy goals, betrayed the Vietnamese and doomed Vietnam, the French and the US to decades of terrible warfare.