Hardcorish OP t1_jdibkfg wrote

>Yeah, that isn't acting like an adult. Plenty of kids do things like that all the time in a healthy context.

The parents are offloading their adult responsibilities onto their children. We can do semantics all day long but neither one of us is wrong here.


Hardcorish OP t1_jdi74xn wrote

>They act like kids who have to adjust and survive, manage
>basic functions like preparing meals or changing diapers

Certainly, and this is what I had in mind with this showerthought. I wasn't trying to portray the children as doing actual adult things like getting a job or paying taxes, etc.


Hardcorish OP t1_jdhup7n wrote

Sorry you feel that way. Perhaps your experience isn't the same that others have had? Have you considered this? You're right there are plenty of examples where this cycle continues, but there are just as many where the children had to grow up fast to take care of their siblings etc.
This thread has comments providing examples of both.


Hardcorish t1_j67v5mk wrote

You're right, however this does happen on an individual level. Some people absolutely perceive weakness in others and take advantage by harming/robbing/sexuall assaulting them etc. Take a look in any prison and you'll see this in plain view. It happens on the street as well but prison is the most obvious example.