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Old ignorant fools who already made their fortunes due to inheritance, exploitation of the natives, abject cruelty, market manipulation, nepotism, or just blind stupid luck. The American way. Anyone can do it--except now there are regulations, and no more natives, and the old guys make laws preventing upward mobility...


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If anyone else was wondering why a "university" was hosting a revival, Asbury is a private Christian university. I'd tie that to being anti-vax and extreme, but at a glance it seems they're actually a decent university with no big stance on vaccines.

Still, anyone attending a "revival" is probably not riding the leading wave of science and medicine, so maybe take a break from chatting with the sky guy and vaccinate your children against preventable illnesses please!


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DG and FD are different from "dollar stores," where every item is supposed to be a dollar. They're just normal stores with really low quality food (mostly processed crap), though the one near me has decent prices for good shampoo for some reason.

ETA: Dollar Tree is an example of a store that charged $1 at a time (now $1.25 maybe?).