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I strongly agree that Congress should be in the muck with the rest of us, and their pensions and healthcare should be based on what the upper 50% of government workers get, so they have to lift up at least a huge chunk of people to elevate themselves.

The government has created the EPA, which helps the average American pretty often. The CFPB fights for citizens against banks every day. FEMA responds to disasters and does a pretty decent job of improving people's lives in hard situations. NOAA is so good at weather forecasting that private companies want to block it from publishing the data that they give away freely so those companies can publish it. California is guaranteeing school kids will have food. There is a lot of good government does. They're currently taking care of everybody over 65 years old for medical care, so extending that down to 55 or 45 would be a good test pattern, but in the end, insurance companies need to go away because they are what inflates the numbers, and we need to buy our drugs from countries who don't allow shameless profiting on drugs like the USA does.


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The whole USA system is designed to make it hard and charge you more, that's why we need to discard it and start over with another country's model as the goal.

They've found numerous insurance companies that had the policy of "reject every [nth] claim" such as "toss every 5th claim" so you get a rejection and either pay it or go complain, and if you complain, they'll usually pay it, but it is just to hassle you. And hospitals *LOVE* to have an out-of-network doctor visit and charge everybody huge rates the insurance doesn't cover. Its so bad they're making it illegal. There is nothing to fix, it needs to be replaced.

And worse, Christian hospital chains are buying up as many hospitals as they can get so they can deny abortions and contraception and anything they feel like.


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Having health insurance not tied to your job means you can quit your job if they screw you over and still have healthcare. In the USA, many people are stuck at their job for their healthcare. Also, the average country similar to the USA pays HALF of what the USA pays per person for healthcare. It would save us trillions of dollars per year to switch to Canada's system, or Australia, or UK, or Europe, or pretty much anything.


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  1. So what if black people kill black people? That doesn't give police the permission to kill them. The whole complaint about obeying lawful orders went out the window when people started protesting Trump being subjected to lawful orders which he refuses to comply with. Floyd wasn't supposed to be killed, which is why police went to jail for it. When the people protested, even journalists got shot in the face by police. Police showed us their true colors by beating protestors.

  2. Jan 6th was trying to end Democracy. Trump tried to overthrow the actual votes so many times, in so many cases, it was clear that was his intention. He is still doing it today. 2000+ terrorists stormed the capitol, scared the shit out of ALL the legislators, and tried to prevent Pence from announcing the election results.

Screw you for trying to make this about your racist attitudes and not what really happened!


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The BLM protests were because "you're killing black people without any reason and we're sick of waiting for you to stop".

Jan 6th was to "overthrow the will of the voters and have Donald Trump declared President without the vote supporting it".

One is overthrowing democracy, the other is "stop killing us".

If you can't see the difference, then any efforts to debate with you are pointless. I'm sorry you were lied to by Tucker Carlson, its what he does...


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At least you don't argue any of it is untrue. Let me know when you find an example of Biden making $141 million off the US government while President, like Trump did while golfing. Or show me where Biden encouraged violence against police or journalists. Lets see how your oligarchs stack up against the current loser the Democrats put in place.


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The economy tanked under Covid while Trump lied and said Covid was just the flu and wasn't serious, and then almost died from it.

Trump did end the war by surrendering to the Taliban, so that's something, but Biden sure would have liked better terms to be stuck with. Do you remember the good times when Trump killed an Iranian general in Iraq with a drone strike? Yeah, that's still causing issues.

Rose tint my world, keep my safe from my trouble and pain.


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The man who tried to overthrow democracy, stole classified documents and refused to return them, helped Saudi Arabia's MBS get away with murdering a journalist and got the LIV golf tournaments at his courses in return, and continues to encourage violence against police ... yeah.. that's the guy we're supposed to "forget" and stop talking about? When he's in jail, sure thing. Because you don't let those kind of assaults on America go unanswered.


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I'm saying it happened ALL the time, which is why the Church paid out millions. The Church should stay the hell out of it. They don't have the ability to investigate, but they did, and then they did the priest. Are you unaware of history? Did you miss the list of payouts the church did for this?

Here is over a decade of payout after payout, over a billion dollars:


Here's a list of priests hidden by the church:



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But that's not how it works. What happens is a kid says he's been touched in a way he found odd, and the parents want to know more about it. The church takes over the investigation, looks into it, and finds the priest was probably doing something illegal, again, and tells the kid it was normal and he was wrong, and tell the parents it was nothing, then they ship the priest off to another parish or another country. THAT is what happened. The police weren't called. The person bringing the accusation was told they were wrong and it was just a mistake.

And the church did it THOUSANDS of times, and settled for hundreds of millions of dollars when it caught up to them, but you know what didn't happen? Them turning over all those priests and the evidence they had to the police.