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No…. I’m saying That the laws of physics don’t allow us to distinguish between the two substances.
It’s like when men look at two things that appear to be the same shade of yellow, but really they are different shades of yellow. (Men are less able to discern differences between shades of yellow than 1/3rd of women who have more yellow cones in their eyes)


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Former screener here: peanut butter is approximately the same density as C4 when viewed on TSA’s X-ray screens. It sets off a false alarm on the automated bomb detection software, and the X-ray can’t see through it. You can hide whatever you want inside a peanut butter jar and it will be hidden from the X-ray operator (within certain size limitations).

They didn’t ban it for no reason.


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True. But if mom is thinking that far ahead she should also open a bank account and credit card in the kiddo’s name. I did that for my kids when they turned 5, but skipped the passport because having a passport won’t improve their ability to get a home or a car later in life


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The easiest form of ID to acquire for an infant is a state issued ID card. It can be acquired same day in most states, whereas a passport takes weeks of planning and has a much slower turnaround time. So the only reason to get a passport instead is because you plan to travel outside the country. Source: am former TSA screener.