Hascus t1_j94yicc wrote

“The clip, published by TMZ on Wednesday, shows Mouzer and Jammerbund sleeping close to an open flame when Mouzer suddenly screams out in pain. Hot coal popped from the fire and landed on the tip of Mouzer's penis. "One of said coals has landed on my... um... little soldier's helmet," Mouzer told the camera as he tried to keep his droll sense of humor alive. "I'm going to look like I got hit with buckshot when I get home," Mouzer added.

Thankfully, a brave medic was on the scene to make sure Mouzer's injury did not cause an infection. He acted jokingly surprised that the medic only needed a small Q-tip. "Obviously, we need everything extra large," Mouzer joked. The medic helped Mouzer just in time and did everything to relieve his pain.”

So unlike the comments suggesting this no he did not literally burn his dick off