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Whatever is going on in your day that’s needlessly making you so angry at someone (me) on Reddit for correcting someone else (original commenter) about something that was factually incorrect, I hope it gets better.

As for me. I feel no need to apologize. You seem to be needlessly overreacting to a comment on the internet that was not made maliciously but simply to educate someone else.

If you take issue, that’s on you, but the votes have spoken and you’re the one that looks like the troll for constantly saying “no but” to me, even though I and others have made it clear you’re wrong.


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If I say I’m gonna disassemble a car and give you the door to make paint cans, but give someone else the hood to make butter knives, and you say you want to make butter knives out of the door I give you, I’m not chopping up the car differently.

What you do with the door has nothing to do with how I chop it off the car.

Butchery is the slicing up of the pig. There are some variations on how you do it but generally you get the same cuts of meat every time. How you prepare those cuts is not butchery.


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If you can find a butcher that makes their own streaky bacon, you can probably ask them to cut it thicker for you.

Streaky bacon is effectively what Americans call bacon. It might be cured a bit differently than you’re used to, but unless you can find an Oscar Meyer dealer around you’ll have to make do.


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Oh, I actually know this one!

So Canadian bacon isn’t an American term. It’s British originally. There was a shortage of pork in the UK in the 1800s and so it was imported from Canada to the UK. But, Canadians remove the fat from the loin so the cuts were leaner. To sell this to the British the term Canadian Bacon was used to express the fact that it would be lean.

The term eventually migrated to the US where it stuck.


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No. Actually I wouldn’t.

The butcher cut the loin and the belly out of the pig as he always does. He didn’t butcher it any differently. Both cuts always come out of the pig regardless of whether they’re turned to bacon.

The decision of which cut to cure and smoke has little to do with how it was cut up in the first place, especially if the person doing the cutting isn’t necessarily doing the curing and smoking.

By the way, you’re on the internet. So either get used to people providing facts and corrections, or quit trying to high road us all with your “better than thou” attitude as if replying to my comment makes you any less of a “one upper”


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It’s not butchered differently it’s from a different part of the pig.

Back bacon (shown in the picture) comes from pork loin running along the lower section of the pigs back.

Belly (Streaky in the UK) bacon comes from pork belly which is cut from the pigs belly.

The process for making the bacon is similar (or the exact same in some cases), it’s just a different hunk of meat.