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Call the local police department for the town he lives in. They should have a dispatcher who will pick up the phone even in the middle of the night.

Google the name of his town + police (i.e. "Greenport New York + police") and you should get a website for the local police department. There should be a contact number on there. Explain the situation to them and hopefully they can do a wellness check.

If you can't get in touch with anyone there you can try the New York State Police for Long Island. The phone number is 631-756-3300.

Hope your friend is okay.


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The relevant chunk of the piece:

"Michael Rikon, an attorney whose law firm focuses on eminent domain...says said he agreed with MSG’s claim that it’s being singled out, given that MSG owns the property and has successfully operated it.

If the city denied the MSG permit, Rikon said, “Just compensation would be required. Because if they do not grant the special permit, the property becomes worthless. It can’t be used for its highest and best use.”

In 2021, the Empire State Development authority estimated that moving the Garden would cost the public $8.6 billion, including $5 billion to build a new arena."


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Best parts of living in VT: the natural beauty, the genuine sense of community and fellowship, the fact that having all these flatlanders coming through brings great restaurants and other amenities like you’d find in a much more populous place.

Worst part: Not seeing the sun for 60 days at a time in winter.