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Idk what MIC means but the first computer was litterally an anti-air targetting system.

I know MIL-SPEC usually just means cheap and durable materials but you can't deny that war economy is one of the biggest driving factors behind a lot of technical development.

War created phones, gps, drones, and, as i said, computers in general.

Sure they don't always have the best but they usually did have the first.


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I mean i guess yeah, same way a schoolbus is just a light armoured personel carrier.

Flight is way faster than following traffic.

Dynamic targeting is necessary cause a lot of people don't have mailboxes that take packages and skipping those saves you having to develop some kind of tactile device to even use mailboxes in the first place(that would be even more difficult and scary for you, imagine if they could open doors😱).

UAVs were first developed for military use, you can draw paralels to that market from any drone, that doesn't suddenly make it scary.

There's way cheaper and more efficient ways to makes combat UAVs than first developing a whole civil version and then suddenly adopting it for other purposes. That's unnecessarily complicated.


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I mean you could say that about any precision guided system cause weapons were just the first ones to adopt that. You can't really make a good robot without using military tech.